Overcoming future challenges together

Our basis: trust and transparency
VuVL brings together independent asset managers who represent the interests of their clients to the highest standards. Each member actively contributes to enhancing industry awareness and overcoming future challenges collectively.


The supreme body is the General Assembly of Members, which convenes at least once per year. The assembly consists of both active and passive members.


Active members
Only asset management companies with a licence in accordance with the Asset Management Act (VVG) may be active members.

Passive members

Natural and legal persons who support the goals of the association but do not fulfil the membership criteria may become passive members, as may those with a history of significant contribution to the profession of independent asset management. Whenever possible, passive members are invited to association events. However, they are not entitled to make formal reference to their association membership as part of their professional credentials, nor may they use the association's logo.


For more information about our organisation and membership terms, see our statutes. 

statutes (PDF)

Membership benefits

Representation of interests with policymakers, public authorities and trade associations

Provision of templates (active members only)

Updates on regulatory and financial policy developments and their potential impacts on the sector and profession

Training and events

Annual General Meeting of Members with selected focal topics

Prompt delivery of sector-relevant communications from lawmakers, public authorities and regulators

Use of the VuVL logo as a seal of trust and transparency, fostering positive public perception


Our current membership fees are:


For active members

CHF 5,000 one-off admission fee

CHF 3,500 annual membership fee


For passive members

CHF 5,000 one-off admission fee

CHF 1,000 annual membership fee


A half-price annual membership fee applies to members joining after 1 July.

Joining our association

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Passive member

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