Secretariat and board of directors

If you are interested in becoming a member or have a general question you would like to discuss with us, please contact us. Our secretariat and board members look forward to hearing from you.


Portraitfoto von Dr Stephan Ochsner

Dr Stephan Ochsner
Secretariat Director

Portraitfoto von Jennifer Büchel

Jennifer Büchel
Deputy Secretariat Director

Board of directors

Portraitfoto von Fredy Wolfinger

Fredy Wolfinger

Portraitfoto von Claudio Marxer

Claudio Marxer
Vice President

Portraitfoto von Philipp Ackermann

Philipp Ackermann
Member of the Board

Portraitfoto von Markus Büchel

Markus Büchel
Member of the Board

Portraitfoto von Philipp Marxer

Philipp Marxer
Member of the Board

Portraitfoto von Marcel Müller

Marcel Müller
Member of the Board